The Perfect Putting Aid - Sink more! The Perfect Putting Aid - Sink more! The Perfect Putting Aid - Sink more! The Perfect Putting Aid - Sink more!

The Perfect Putting Aid : Video: Starting the Golf Ball On-Line!Video: Starting the Golf Ball On-Line! using The Perfect Putting Aid

The Perfect Putting Aid Videos:

-Assembly & Set Up
-Head Position
-Head Movement
-Proper Eye Level
-Shoulder Alignment
-Eye Alignment
-Face Angle
-Path of Putting Stroke
-Shaft Angle
-Speed Control
-Green Reading
-Keeping your Putter Lower to the Ground
-Starting the Golf Ball On-Line!

What they're saying about The Perfect Putting Aid...

"We have included The Perfect Putting Aid™ in our training for the past several months and our students like the fact that they can see their head and shoulder position as well as the ball-to-hole alignment. This tool can provide any golfer the stroke consistency needed on the putting greens. You will not find a better aid to use in your home during the offseason. I recommend you get one today!"

Scott WR Nei
-PGA Teaching Professional
-Tourbound Golf Academy

"The Perfect Putting Aid™ is now a standard accessory used in my golf clinics, academies and lessons."

Joe Bosco
-JoeBoscoGolf - The Shortest Distance to Lower Scores™
-Co-Founder of the GreenToTee Golf Academy

Perfect Putting Aid featured in Golf Chicago magazine

Video: Path of Putting Stroke

Click here to watch!


Chad Johansen PGA Professionsal"The Perfect Putting Aid™ is a unique tool designed to help golfers perfect their putting stroke. It is portable and can be easily assembled in the living room, office, backyard, or practice green. As a PGA Golf Professional, I understand the critical role practice plays in consistency. Whether you are a beginning golfer, an advanced golfer, or someone in between, The Perfect Putting Aid™ can immediately help you to improve your score!"

    - Chad Johansen
      PGA Teaching Professional
      Inventor of The Perfect Putting Aid™

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