The Perfect Putting Aid - Sink more! The Perfect Putting Aid - Sink more! The Perfect Putting Aid - Sink more! The Perfect Putting Aid - Sink more!

The Perfect Putting Aid : Video: Path of Putting StrokeVideo: Path of Putting Stroke using The Perfect Putting Aid

The Perfect Putting Aid Videos:

-Assembly & Set Up
-Head Position
-Head Movement
-Proper Eye Level
-Shoulder Alignment
-Eye Alignment
-Face Angle
-Path of Putting Stroke
-Shaft Angle
-Speed Control
-Green Reading
-Keeping your Putter Lower to the Ground
-Starting the Golf Ball On-Line!

What they're saying about The Perfect Putting Aid...

"V1 has been involved with analyzing golf swings for over 15 years. The Perfect Putting Aidô can help every golfer's putting stroke. The feedback we are getting on our V1 Golf App has been amazing. Golfers are filming their putting strokes on their smart phones, discovering the flaws, and using The Perfect Putting Aidô to adjust their putting stroke. Every golfer needs to have one!"

Chris Hart
-V1 Founder/ President
-#1 Video Analysis Sports App in the World

"The Perfect Putting Aidô is by far the most effective putting aid on the market."

Alex Mendez
-PGA Head Golf Professional
-Butterfield CC

Perfect Putting Aid featured in Golf Chicago magazine

Video: Shoulder Alignment

Click here to watch!


Chad Johansen PGA Professionsal"The Perfect Putting Aid™ is a unique tool designed to help golfers perfect their putting stroke. It is portable and can be easily assembled in the living room, office, backyard, or practice green. As a PGA Golf Professional, I understand the critical role practice plays in consistency. Whether you are a beginning golfer, an advanced golfer, or someone in between, The Perfect Putting Aid™ can immediately help you to improve your score!"

    - Chad Johansen
      PGA Teaching Professional
      Inventor of The Perfect Putting Aid™

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