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"The Perfect Putting Aidô is a revolutionary new teaching tool."

Lou Solarte
-2003 Illinois PGA Teacher of the Year

Video: Keeping your Putter Lower to the Ground

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Helps golfers start the ball on line and corrects your stroke path. Helps golfers start the ball on line and corrects your stroke path.
Derek Lamely - 2010 PGA Tour winner "For somebody that uses chalk lines from 5-6 feet, 150 times a day, the Perfect Putting Line is easy and accurate. Add the Perfect Putting Tower and you can visually dial in a smaller target (pro side of tower) to aim at. The Perfect Putting Aid™ will definitely help you make more putts!"

- Rocco Mediate
- 6-Time PGA Tour Winner

Derek Lamely - 2010 PGA Tour winner "The Perfect Putting Aid™ is truly amazing! I was absolutely convinced with how simply I could use this aid. When I started putting on the Perfect Putting Line, I was missing putts to the right. The immediate feedback I received reminded me about the putter face and the path of the stroke. Within ten minutes, I made ten consecutive putts. The assembly is so easy, I can use it in my hotel room on tour to perfect my putting stroke. Everyone on the tour should have The Perfect Putting Aid™ ."

- Derek Lamely
- 2010 PGA Tour Winner

Chip Beck - 4-time PGA Tour Winner "Thank you for The Perfect Putting Aid™. It has been very helpful because it emphasizes the true fundamentals of putting. We all need to remember that the shaft moves on a straight line and the club head moves on a slight arch. The Putting Line is especially easy to practice with on tour in my hotel room."

- Chip Beck
- 4-Time PGA Tour Winner
- 3-Time Ryder Cup Participant


Chad Johansen PGA Professionsal"The Perfect Putting Aid™ is a unique tool designed to help golfers perfect their putting stroke. It is portable and can be easily assembled in the living room, office, backyard, or practice green. As a PGA Golf Professional, I understand the critical role practice plays in consistency. Whether you are a beginning golfer, an advanced golfer, or someone in between, The Perfect Putting Aid™ can immediately help you to improve your score!"

    - Chad Johansen
      PGA Teaching Professional
      Inventor of The Perfect Putting Aid™

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